English Drama

日期: 23/06/2023

English Drama

            Learning drama can enhance students’ communication skills, creativity and confidence. This year, twenty-one P.5 students began their English drama course in November and had their final performance ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ on 23rd June, 2023. To understand more about drama and William Shakespeare, all P.5 students watched some pre-show videos and also a school touring performance ‘1930’s Radio Play’ held by Shakespeare4All in October. Students also learned and interacted through the pop-up corner.  


           English drama students learnt to express themselves through different body language, facial expressions and tones. They also learnt to collaborate with others. They become more focused, confident and fluent in English. All P.5 students were also invited to watch the final performance. Everyone enjoyed the show and the actors and actresses were greeted by loud cheers and a big round of applause. 


  • P.5 students enjoyed watching the school touring performance - 1930’s Radio Play in the school hall.

  • Some lucky students got a chance to participate in the show.

  • Drama students played warm-up games at the beginning of each lesson.

  •  Debriefing after each rehearsal. Look at all the serious faces!

  • Here’s the final performance. Action! 

  • And…up you go!

  • Listen!

  • All actors and actresses were very devoted. They all learned something valuable along the journey.